Password Locker

Block distractions and reclaim hours per day with zero workarounds

The iOS Screen Time supplement that helps you set the hard-to-forget 4-digit passcode in a way you won't remember, retrieved through a painful process that stops the urge to disable your blocks

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Your solution is perfect, especially for people who think it is inconvenient or not that reliable to hand their password over to another person — Vincent

How It Works

Step 1: Set Up Your Favorite Blocker

Use any blocker, like iOS Screen Time, to block distractions on your devices

Step 2: Store Your Blocker Password

For iOS Screen Time, we help you enter the 4-digit passcode in a way you won't remember

Step 3: Access Your Password Only After A Tedious Challenge

The tedious task deters you from disabling your blocker, but makes it available any time you need


Maintain Full Control Without Compromise

Retrieve passwords on your own terms without having to rely on friends to hold them for you. We encrypt and securely store them.

Avoid Satisfying Urges Through Tedious Retrievals

Access your blocker's password only after enduring a painful ~20 min retrieval process.

Use Any Blocker of Your Choosing

Password Locker works with any app/website blocker (e.g. iPhone Screen Time,, etc) so no need to compromise on flexibility.


Most services have workarounds that make them useless. Password Locker doesn't because it works on the password level.


Incredible, this is a game changer. Exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you team!!!

Thank you for making this. It's the screentime ios password creator i never thought of. Genius. You are doing gods work.

Life saver. Period. Whoever thought of this is an absolute hero all jokes aside. Saved me a ton of misery of figuring a work around.

thank you so much guys. will definitely recommend your applications across reddit and friends. very innovative approach. Just loved it. Thanks again:)

This is so awesome, I think the days of procrastinating on my phone are behind me. I thank the developer for this brilliant idea

Genius! The last step to get screen time to actually work for productivity. Many thanks!

I tried third party apps in the App Store and they have always failed me. Thank you for creating this. It's desperately needed by so many.

Your service is great for me because it makes it easy to add layers of inconvenience that interrupt the split second impulse decision that lead to binging.

The ingenious method that you guys use to let users enter the 4 digit passcode without them consciously remembering it is awesome.

You genuinely saved my life with this. I fell into a dark hole of watching youtube for like 10h a day. I needed a way to block stuff on my phone and not know the password while simultaneously being the one to type it in. I found your website and it was exactly what I had envisioned. Everything is working perfectly and I am out of the hole. You have no idea how valuable of a service this is for people like me with very bad impulse control and addictive tendencies. Now I can finally get my life together. Never stop providing this service.

Best solution I've tried to make yourself accountable to the goals you set for yourself in screentime. Creates just enough friction day to day to stick with it. If I need a an app for work, etc - easy enough to retrieve pin and add what I need. Very in tune with the book “Atomic Habits”, for a bad habit: “make it difficult”. Great job!

Thank you for this. Genius way to bypass apples stupid 4 digit passcode limit for screen time. Works like a charm. Life changing stuff. I can tell you've likely had all the same issues I've had giving friends passcodes. Hats off to you mate.

Thank you so much for creating password-locker. This is exactly what I'm looking for. I've gone many years with being “addicted” to scrolling through any app that would provide a distraction for hours and hours and…hours fully destroying my life. My mom held the password for screen time for me and I've even purchased a “dumb” phone in the past. Now I am happy I can hold onto the pw through this platform. Again thank you so so so much. Hope you take care.

This was exactly what I was looking for. Your solution is perfect, especially for people that want to maximize their productivity but think that it is inconvenient or not that reliable to hand the password over to another person as you always have to make sure that the other person won't reveal you the password when coming up with a proper excuse.

I have Freedom, which I like in theory. But I just have no self control, and I can change the settings during the day when it's not locked. It's pretty pathetic. I use your service to hide the password to my Freedom app and Apple Screen Time settings. It works SO well.

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Sample Passwords

Click "+ New Password" and generate a sample iOS Screen Time pin. Sign up to save passwords and access additional features.

Test Password ~1 min

iPhone Screen Time ~5 min

Browser Blocker ~15 min


Third-party blockers will inherently have workarounds because they are non-native to the device. iOS Screen Time circumvents such issues.

Password Locker as a supplement to iOS Screen Time can thwart any of its workarounds, as described here. If you find a workaround that lets you access undesired apps or websites and we can't resolve it, we'll pay you $20.

It's free for 30 days, then you specify how much to pay, even if that's $0. We don't want price preventing anyone from achieving quality productivity.

Our offline retrieval lets you save an encrypted file to your computer so you can access your passwords directly from your device, without being able to bypass the tedious retrieval process.

Yes, stored passwords are encrypted using standard cryptography libraries built on AES-128.

Our Story

The average person engages in 6 hours and 58 minutes of screen time per day, almost half of one's waking hours!

While many apps block distractions, most have workarounds that make them useless.

iOS Screen Time sidesteps this since it's built-in, but requires giving a friend your passcode, which can be inconvenient and unreliable.

That's why we built Password Locker — so you can control your screen time usage on your own terms and with zero workarounds.

We've helped people save tens of thousands of hours to maximize productivity and enjoy more of what life has to offer. I'd love for you to give it a try.

Founder of Password Locker

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