The History and Advantages of Password Locker

Recounting the history of Password Locker, explaining its origins as a substitute for friends holding blocker passwords

The History and Advantages of Password Locker

History of Password Locker

Password Locker's creator, Max, would use iPhone Screen Time to limit distracting apps and websites like social media and YouTube, but since he knew the 4-digit passcode, he could just type it in and disable the block....

So then he tried other distraction-blocking apps like But these had simple workarounds, like some changes to settings that rendered the apps useless. Since these solutions weren't native to the device, they inherently would have workarounds. 

Returning back to Screen Time, he had a friend enter and keep the 4-digit passcode for him. If he ever needed to disable the block, he would have to ask his friend for the pin and prove it was for a legitimate purpose. However, there were a few issues:

1. He could trick his friend into giving him the passcode by making up a legitimate sounding excuse, which happened on two occasions. 
2. It was inconvenient to have the other person type the passcode into his phone. 
3. He'd have to rely on another person to be available and securely keep the pin for him. If there was an urgent need to disable the Screen Time block for a legitimate work purpose on one of the blocked sites, or to install an app for a legitimate reason while Screen Time was configured to block app installs, then he would have to rely on his password-holding friend to be immediately available, which often isn't the case. 

So then the idea to store the passcode in software with a difficult retrieval was born. The original version was a simple python script running locally on his computer, which did the job. Friends started asking for the program and soon thereafter, the web app and business were born. 


Password Locker Advantages

Password Locker's main purpose is to prevent needing a friend to hold your blocker password, whether it's iPhone Screen Time or some other app/website blocker. Instead, the password is stored in software, and to retrieve it, you undergo a tedious 20 min process, like counting the number of times the number "2" appears in a list of numbers. This disincentivizes you from accessing the passcode to disable the block when you have an urge, but also keeps you in full control without having to rely on someone else to keep it for you. 

For iPhone Screen Time specifically, since the passcode is an easily rememberable 4-digit number, Password Locker can instruct you to forgetfully enter a pin into your phone by cleverly asking you to enter and delete digits repeatedly until all 4 are entered. Password Locker of course also stores this passcode, so it can be retrieved at will. 


Our goal is to help people maximize their productivity by blocking distractions and by providing an unbreakable solution that leaves you in full control. 
The Password Locker Team