Exporting Passwords for Offline Retrieval

This post explains how to use the "Export Passwords" feature to retrieve your passwords in the unlikely event that Password Locker servers are offline

Exporting Passwords for Offline Retrieval


For extra peace of mind and control, we've introduced "Export Passwords for Offline Retrieval". This feature allows you to download your existing passwords into an encrypted file saved on your computer, which you can later open in your browser to access passwords in the unlikely event that Password Locker servers are inaccessible. 

How To Use It

To access this feature, go to the account page and click "Export Passwords". A popup with a brief description will be shown, along with an "Export" button. After clicking it, a file will be downloaded to your browser. 

Save the file somewhere on your computer. Then, right click it and open it with your preferred browser (e.g. Chrome). A simplified version of the Password Locker dashboard will appear, i.e. each of your passwords will be shown but other functionality, such as the Add Password button, will not appear. 

During the 30-day free trial, this downloaded file will only show sample passwords, not any of the ones you've created. Only premium users will be able to export and retrieve their saved passwords offline. Upgrade here!


Other Notes

Note that while you will be able to retrieve your passwords with this feature in the event that Password Locker servers are offline, you will still need to be connected to the internet, as there are some external, public libraries used. 

Since the software is no longer running in the server, programming-savvy users may be able to understand and modify the code to retrieve passwords faster. To prevent this, we have encrypted data in the downloaded file, as well as obfuscated the code, such that one would be unable to get around the digit-counting, tedious retrieval. 

The Password Locker Team